Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Instant Cosplays

Sometimes one may not have the time or money to go all out on making a cosplay (or buying a cosplay), but will still want to cosplay at an upcoming event. In this case, doing what some call ‘instant cosplay’ might be an option. This is when you create your costume from things you already own and don’t need to alter. Usually having a wig and clothing in the right colours helps a lot, as well as knowing a little about makeup and styling.

Often with these cosplays I change the costume a lot, usually doing a female interpretation of the character (gender bender cosplay). Luckily, I have a lot of accessories, makeup and wigs to work with. Not everyone has just what they need lying around, but one can always improvise (for example, I used a scarf instead of an Alice band in the ‘Calie’ photo, and Hello Kitty playing cards in the ‘Joker’ one because I didn’t have ordinary playing cards).

Here are a few examples of instant cosplays that I have done:

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  1. Very pretty. Liking the Naruto sexy no jutsu and Sasuke!