Wednesday, 8 August 2012

X-23/Wolverine Claws

Here is a cheap and easy way to make Wolverine claws (I've been playing around with the idea because I will be doing an X-23 cosplay soon).

What you need:

Cardboard (in this case I just used the back of an exam pad)
A pencil or pen
Scissors or a craft knife
Silver paint and a paint brush (or spray paint)

Draw the basic outline on the cardboard. In the picture above it was not quite right as the corner piece (circled) needed to be wider. Cut it out.

Trace around the first claw shape to make a second claw (and a third for Wolverine).

The areas circled in previous pictures will sit against your knuckles, so cut it at an angle less than 90◦ so that it will fit snugly against your hand. Cut the piece labelled ‘tab’ to whatever length feels comfortable in your clenched fist (they will probably need to be cut to different lengths depending where each one sits in your hand).

Finally, paint them and you’re done. This is a really simple, quick and cheap way to make these claws. I will try to figure out a way to attach them together as it might be a pain to hold each of them separately (they might slip out) as well as figure out which one goes where each time.


  1. I think I have seen someone use a small dowel to hold them in place when making a fist. Maybe that may work?

  2. The claws shown in the pictures look really bad. Yes, it's cheap and easy to make. But it can not use for a long time.

  3. Don't be angry if they don't work and they bent by accident. Its not real adamantium. Hehehe.

    Anywhos. Since u work on budgets. Could you maybe do something on making Konan's wings. With a budget (budget being the key word)